About “Savory Fare”

Savory Fare is an action and adventure comic set in the fictional world of Cauldron. Juniper wakes up in this confusing world and sets to restore her memories by assembling hard sought ingredients to form the Superior Omelette – Cauldron’s equivalent of a wish granter.

This story is a long term web comic project purely made for myself to improve as an artist and to bring my characters to life. Seeing as I’ve grown up indulging in shounen titles and action video games, I wanted to try my hand on creating something purely based on personal inspirations and themes that are important to me. I always look forward to working on Savory Fare and is a work of love and passion and aim to see this story to the end.

Update Schedule: Once a Month

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

About Me

My name is Alex (aka Apple and Tangerine) and currently work in the tech industry at the heart of the Silicon Valley. I am a self taught artist that works on Savory Fare – and occasionally other projects – outside of my job.

Once in awhile I will partake in self indulgent illustration projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been drawing? Where did you study art?

I started drawing around 2004 when I was in 4th grade. Like most kids, the doodles were rather self indulgent and messy in nature. It wasn’t until 2014 when I really started applying myself. I started as an accounting major for a couple years at University until I made the switch to painting. However, the coursework was more focused on painting naked figures and still life than what I currently draw.

How long will Savory Fare be?  

For now, I have roughly up to 300 chapters planned. The length after that is up in the air.

Wasn’t there a different version of Savory Fare not too long ago?   

Correct, Savory Fare has gone through numerous revisions and reboots throughout the years (the first ever version debuting Spring 2014). Since I am a developing artist and writer, I’m constantly learning how to improve and learning from my mistakes – but I have no plans on rebooting the story any more as I’m most happy with the current version. I will include snippets of the older versions on future bonus chapters.

What programs do you use to draw your webcomics?

I primarily draw using Clip Studio Paint EX with a Wacom 22HD tablet. When I want to draw away from my desk, I use Procreate on an iPad Pro. 

How long does it take for you to draw an episode? What is your posting schedule?

Each episode takes me roughly 35-40 hours including pre-planning and storyboards. However, this does not include chapter splash, writing (this takes the most time), environments and color scripts which are factors that may delay an update. I currently post once a month but eventually want to draw fast enough to be able to update bi-weekly and eventually weekly.

Are the side stories related to Savory Fare? How many side stories do you plan to make?

Yes, very loosely. It will take a while before the main story of Savory Fare will reach that point however hence why the epilogue chapter has yet to be updated. As of today, I have 5 more additional side stories roughly planned. Dates of release will vary as they take a lot of planning and time away from my work on Savory Fare.

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